2012 Murals on Glass: Artist Lisa Kesler

Fiesta 3, by Lisa Kesler

Here we are today with another Murals on Glass selection for you to admire. This one, entitled Fiesta 3, is displayed on the south side of the Parking Deck on Main Street.  This piece was created by Lisa Kesler, and here’s what she has to say about her work:

Urbana Public Arts Program: What media did you choose to work with and why?
Lisa Kesler: The painting I submitted is an acrylic painting. It is abstract with a lot of texture. I thought the texture of the original painting might translate well to a large scale and would add a lot of interest to the composition. I chose an abstract design because I thought it might flow well across the surface of the building.

What was your inspiration behind the piece?
In the painting, “Fiesta 3,” I was thinking about texture and rhythm of repeated shapes, but mostly I was focused on color. I wanted to experiment with various combinations and see how the colors related to each other in different ways.

How do you hope the viewers will respond to seeing the piece on such a large scale?
I think it could be almost overwhelming to see that much color and pattern on the side of a building! I can’t wait. I hope it will add vibrance, color, and excitement to the downtown landscape.

You can also see Lisa Kesler in our most recent Art Now! episode here.


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